Top 3 Common Ways To Pay For Car Shipping

Car shipping can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re not too sure of the best way to pay for it. Luckily, there are a few common payment methods that you can use to ease the process. In this blog post, we’ll outline the three most popular ways to pay for car shipping: cash on delivery, pickup, and escrow service. Whichever method you choose, read through the entire article so that you know exactly what to expect and don’t get scammed!

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is the most popular way to pay for car shipping. It’s a convenient and fast way to get your car shipped, and it also gives you some leverage – they’re not paid until the vehicle is arrived safely. You don’t have to pay in hard cash at the time of delivery, there are payment options that you can explore, such as PayPal or Venmo.

This is a good arrangement for the carrier as they don’t have to wait for the payment to clear. Ultimately, it’s up to the carrier to do a good job and provide the customer with quality service. So, shop around and find the payment option that works best for you and your car shipping needs.

Cash on Pickup

Cash on pickup is the second most common way to pay for car shipping. It’s easy, convenient and ideal for people who trust the shipping company. Shipping companies get paid up front, the commission is taken, and the driver is paid on daily wages.

The biggest advantage of using this payment method is that the drivers are already working on their daily wages, so they can use the upfront cash to pay for gas and their food during the transit. This way, they don’t need to wait for the money to come in.

Using Escrow

There are a couple of ways to pay for car shipping, and one of the less common options is through an escrow service. This service allows buyers and sellers to agree to a payment plan in order to hold onto the payment until the vehicle is delivered. The advantage of using an escrow service is that it protects buyers from being scammed by sellers with a shady reputation.

It’s also a simple and efficient way to buy or sell items online. As a buyer, you can use this service to secure your funds before making the vehicle is delivered, and avoid being scammed by buyers who may not have the best credit. Overall, using an escrow service is a great way to ensure that both buyer and seller are protected and the car arrives safely.


Shipping a car can be a hectic and challenging task, but with the help of the right payment method, the process can be made much easier. In this blog post, we have outlined the top 3 most common ways to pay for car shipping: cash on delivery, pickup, and escrow service. Make sure to remember these when shipping a car by rereading this entire post carefully and choosing the payment method that is best for you. Thanks for reading!

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